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Publisher: Languagelinks
Author: Dr.Jessie Grace U. Rubrico
Price: 191.99 USD
ISBN: 971-93021-0-0

        Magbinisaya Kita Primer 1 Revised 2007 Edition
    Magbinisaya Kita Phrasebook 1
    Consultations with the Author
    Exercise Evaluation
Magbinisaya Kita Course 1
Magbinisaya Kita, Course 1

The Magbinisaya Kita Module 1 is a 13-lesson course designed for easy acquisition of the Bisaya/Cebuano language. It is a step-by-step presentation of the basic structures of the language using the functional approach. Everyday dialogs are employed to acquaint the learner with the real world of language use.

Each lesson comes with relevant lists of vocabulary, common expressions, and useful phrases. Practice and drills, Grammar Notes, and Exercises complete the lesson. The four (4) unit tests and the Final test allow the learner to review past lessons and enable him/her to create a holistic picture of the Bisayan/Cebuano world through its language.

The final section of the Module consists of the following valuable additions: Review of Grammar, over 1000-word glossary, phrases, and expressions; and the Cebuano Phonology. A very significant addition to this edition is the “Cultural Notes” section which introduces the learner to the cultural nuances in the language.

Finally, the most important component of this course is the tutorial that comes with the Program. Avail of these tutorials and you’ll be speaking Cebuano after this course!

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